Spa4ThePink Gaining Industry Momentum Quickly and Is Recognized By International Spa Association

It’s a Social Cause:  Cancer.  What’s you Spa’s Giving Program?

As a life threatening disease, cancer is a healthy issue the spa industry is passionately involved in.  Many raise funds and donate to cancer research, while others, like Spa4ThePink, focus on providing education and support for patients who survived cancer through their oncology modified training for spa professionals and the soon-to-be-launched SHARE2, a one for one retail donation model.

“I knew about Spa4ThePink and its Founder, Julie Bach through Linkedin,” recalls Global Journey Media Managing Director, Rus Withers who, like Bach, lost family members to cancer.  Aside from the cause resonating with him on a personal level, he also saw a great partnership fit, especially since music can be a powerful healing tool for those recovering from cancer.

‘Scientific studies have [shown] that relaxing music speeds the healing process and has many health benefits beyond just peace and relaxation,” he says.  Music was certainly a main feature in the Spa4ThePink awareness event sponsored by Global Journey Media, Sanitas and other companies during the 2011 ISPA Conference and Expo at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Neveda.  The event featured jazz pianist and Norwegian composer Tron Syverson along with holistic therapist Christina Helmstad.

Launching at the 2011 ISPA Conference, says Bach of Spa4ThePink, has radically shifted the paradigm from which the charity operates.  “Spa4ThePink is deeply indebted to ISPA conference.  If our impact on the world is aligned with our enhanced vision, the results will be immeasurable.”